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Created by SHD Coalition

Building on 2021,the EU SHD Coalition looks forward to 2022

After only 9 months of existence, the Coalition positively looks back at 2021 and looks forward to contributing towards the creation of EU Joint Action for Structural Heart Disease at EU level and from Member States, now more relevant than ever.

Created by SHD Coalition

Priorities of the French Presidency of the EU – Opportunities for the SHD Coalition

French president Emmanuel Macron presented the priorities of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU Starting in January 2022, this Presidency offers various opportunities to reinforce a European approach for an active and healthy Europe.

Created by SHD Coalition

Call for Action on early detection of cardiovascular diseases in Germany

Improving the early detection of cardiovascular and structural heart disease in Germany : 5 proposals from German experts roundtable

Estimated number of people with SHD in the EU

Percentages of population in the EU2

Key facts related to SHD in the EU

1 out of 26 people are estimated to have SHD in the EU in 2040.3

In 2040 ¼ of the healthcare demand will be for people over the age of 65.4

The old-age dependency ratio5 in 2016 was 30%, in 2040 this will be 46 %6.

Key messages

  • The senior population in Europe is about to experience an exponential growth in the next years with a corresponding vast increase in prevalence of SHD.
  • The proportionate change in our demographics requires a corresponding proportionate change in our health systems.
  • EU Member States face an unprecedented challenge to their economic stability and social structures through the drastic increase in older citizens as a percentage of population.
  • Preserving senior citizens autonomy through enabling treatments is an economic imperative. It should be looked on no more differently than an economic crisis that requires comprehensive policy responses.


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