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Our Mission

The Structural Heart Disease Coalition (SHD Coalition) is a European network that brings together experts including key opinion leaders, politicians, patients and industry that collaborate to ensure that SHD is prioritised in policy with the aim of decreasing the burden of the disease and improving patients’ quality of life.

The Coalition is driven by the European Manifesto for a Healthier Europe: Living Longer, Living Better, which was launched by Italian MEP Brando Benifei in 2019. The Manifesto calls for  

  1. political prioritisation through an EU Joint Action; 
  2. more systematic detection and diagnosis of structural heart disease; and 
  3. proactive treatment. Find out more here.

Since its launch, the Coalition will now work together to turn these messages into concrete actions at both the EU level and in EU countries. 

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About the Coalition

The Structural Heart Disease Coalition is a European multi-stakeholder platform grouping together stakeholders and experts who have a common interest in raising awareness about the burden of structural heart disease and prioritising its detection and treatment. The Coalition is calling for urgent action at the EU and country levels to improve care and outcomes.

The Coalition’s work is supported by leading politicians from across Europe who have all highlighted the urgency of the issue.

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Stakeholder support for the Coalition

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Financial support

The website was created with financial support from Edwards Lifesciences. 
The website is maintained and updated by RPP Group who acts as the Coalition’s Secretariat, and which coordinates input from Steering Committee members. 

The Steering Committee outlines the strategic direction and content of the website. Each member has an equal voice in the decisions regarding the platform’s activities and orientations. The content produced is not biased towards any specific treatment or therapy. 

All members of the Steering Committee provide their time for free. Financial supporters have no veto privileges.

The information on this page is valid for 2022 and was last updated on 01/01/22.