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Scottish Parliamentary Roundtable on Healthy Hearts and Healthy Ageing

Ahead of the Scottish Parliamentary election in May, on 15 March Scottish Conservative Deputy Public Health Spokesperson and Parliamentary Health and Sport Committee Member Brian Whittle MSP hosted a virtual roundtable Healthy Hearts, …

Created by SHD Coalition

Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week Debate in the Scottish Parliament

In September 2020, Scottish Labour Public Health Minister David Stewart led a debate in the Scottish Parliament marking Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week in the UK...

Created by Brian Whittle (South Scotland, Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party)

Scottish MP submits Parliamentary Question on Heart Valve Disease

To ask the Scottish Government what assessment it has made of the impact of heart valve disease as an underlying cause of a number of COVID-19-related (a) complications and (b) deaths.

Estimated number of people with SHD in the UK

Percentages of population in the UK1

Key facts related to SHD in the UK

The UK spent £113.3 billion in 2015 on public healthcare2
By 2020, ¼ of the healthcare demand will be for the people over 6551
CVD represented 6 % of the total health public budget in 20152

Key messages

  • By 2040, we will have over 20 million people over the age of 65.1
  • The UK faces an unprecedented challenge to their economic stability and social structures through drastic increases in older citizens as a percentage of the population
  • The prevalence of elderly people in Britain is the new norm and requires corresponding policies that no longer rely on the standard contributions to the economy and society of the 30-55 age groups.
  • Investments in health innovations for this population are an economic necessity for Britain to adapt to the new demographic challenges.
  • Investing in technologies that can keep seniors out of hospital and having an active engagement in society will help to solve this issue


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