Press Statement: EU SHD Coalition Advocates for Preservation of EU4Health Programme Funding

The EU Structural Heart Disease (SHD) Coalition is proud to announce that it has taken a proactive step in advocating for the preservation of funding for the EU4Health programme. In light of the recent decision of the Council to redeploy EUR 1 billion from the EU4Health programme to other EU policies, we have sent a letter to Commissioner Kyriakides expressing our deep concern and urging for reconsideration.

As stakeholders committed to improving cardiovascular health and addressing the burden of Structural Heart Disease across Europe, we believe that this decision jeopardises essential initiatives aimed at disease prevention, health promotion, and healthcare system strengthening.

Through our letter, we emphasise the critical role of the EU4Health programme in supporting initiatives targeting cardiovascular diseases and structural heart disease specifically. By reallocating funds away from EU4Health, the European Council risks compromising the EU’s ability to address pressing public health priorities.

Our aim is to engage in constructive dialogue with Commissioner Kyriakides and other stakeholders to find alternative solutions and ensure that European health policies remain responsive to the needs of patients and healthcare systems across the continent. We stand ready to collaborate and work towards preserving funding for initiatives aimed at improving public health outcomes in Europe.

We will continue to monitor developments closely and provide updates on our efforts to advocate for the preservation of funding for the EU4Health programme. Together, we can make a difference in advancing cardiovascular health and addressing structural heart disease in Europe.

You can find the Open Letter here: Link