Roundtable on the good management of structural heart diseases as the key to ageing well takes place in France

On October 1st, 2019, an event dedicated to structural heart disease and active ageing took place in the National Assembly. Under the sponsorship of MP Paul Christophe (Dunkerque, Agir Ensemble), member of the Social Affairs Committee and author of the report on the legislative proposal of law aimed at promoting the recognition of family carers, several experts have expressed their views on the urgent need to act in favour of ageing well.

This symposium was organised in collaboration with the OLD’UP association. Split into four round tables, the discussions showed how important of an issue ageing is, and to consider it not only from the point of view of dependency. The various speakers highlighted the fact that ageing can be active, positive and that it is necessary to remind people of this on a regular basis.

While Paul Christophe welcomed the very enlightening diagnosis that was made at this event, on the current system for detecting and treating structural heart disease, and the improvements that need to be made, for him, there is still a lot of work to be done to raise awareness of these diseases and he « hopes that this initiative will contribute to this ».

There is a whole ecosystem that needs to be put in place and work together to enable this active ageing; with, of course, innovative technological solutions that make it possible to treat patients with structural heart disease, but also a whole host of players inside and outside the hospital who need to work together, not forgetting to put the patient at the centre of their collaboration.

The « Ma Santé 2022 » reform launched by the Government has this ambition of cooperation and decompartmentalisation between stakeholders in the service of quality of care and care pathways.

Structural heart diseases must naturally find their place in this reform and the tools that will gradually be put in place. Paul Christophe concluded in these words, « We must propose a path and practices that are as innovative as the therapeutic solutions that enable senior citizens to make a positive contribution to the community« .

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