French MP submits parliamentary question regarding the management of people suffering from structural heart disease

In July 2019, French MP Bernard Perrut (Les Républicains, Rhône) interrogated the Minister of Solidarity and Health about the care of people suffering from structural heart disease.

With his question, the MP pointed out that although these diseases, linked to ageing, affect 6% of the 65-74 year olds, they are still too little known in France. At the cutting edge of research, certain therapeutic solutions are nowadays referred to as TAVI, a mini-invasive operation allowing aortic valve replacement by percutaneous route. Since the implantation of the first aortic valve using this procedure in 2002, the development of TAVI has been considerable in the treatment of high-risk patients and has profoundly modified the course of patients by contributing to a significant reduction in the length of hospital stays, facilitating a rapid return home and the resumption of daily activities for the elderly.

While the quality and relevance of care have been defined as priorities in the hospital reform, he asked her (Agnès Buzyn, who was Minister of Health back then) what she intends to put in place to guarantee French citizens equal access to a high level of quality for TAVI throughout the territory.