French Bill on “Building a society for aging well”: an opportunity to include the prevention of age-related diseases.

The bill on measures to build a society for aging well in France was tabled in December 2022 by the Presidential Majority political group in the National Assembly.  The text is co-authored by the group presidents, as well as several MPs (16 co-authors in all).

It is intended to be one of the stages, and one of the founding texts, of a reform, a promise made by Emmanuel Macron during his first term.  Widely expected by the actors of the sector, this bill focuses on the prevention of loss of autonomy, the fight against abuse and the accommodation of the elderly, with a focus on homecare professionals. It includes 14 articles divided into three titles.

The first article of the bill intents to create a National Conference on Autonomy, which will pilot prevention policies and details its missions. The Conference will define priority orientations for the actions implemented by the conferences of funders of the prevention of loss of autonomy and inclusive housing, within the framework of a multi-year plan.

This bill, and particularly its first article, represents an opportunity to include the prevention of age-related diseases, including structural heart disease, as one of the factors of good aging, to build a strong society for aging well.