EU SHD Coalition presents proposal for Joint Action on SHDs at EU Commission’s webinar

The EU4Health is the EU Commission’s funding programme aimed at improving health and pandemic preparedness in the EU. With a total budget of over 5.3 Billion EUR, the European Commission had issued over the summer a stakeholder consultation to collect input on the needs for the 2022 Work Programme. 

More than 400 replies and contributions were submitted, featuring a wide array of civil society organisations, healthcare professionals, private entities and non-profits from all Member States. Disease prevention and health promotion received the majority of inputs (38%), making it the most urgent need to be addressed in the upcoming programming, according to the respondents. 

On the 10th September, the European Commission organised a meeting to inform about the results of this stakeholder consultation and invited the EU SHD Coalition to present its proposals for an EU Joint Action for SHDs, with a specific focus on the role of digital in such a Joint Action. 

During the meeting, Prof. Paolo Magni, member of the Coalition Steering Committee, presented the SHD Coalition and notably outlined the need to prioritise cardiovascular diseases, including SHD, with a focus on early diagnosis. Prof. Magni also stressed the importance of digital technologies in addressing structural heart diseases.

Acknowledged by the European Commission, the Coalition will now continue to advocate for a Joint Action to be included in the 2022 EU4Health Work Programme. 

Link to the EU Commission webinar and Prof Magni presentation can be found here: Webinar EU4Health Work Programme 2022: targeted stakeholder consultation outcome | Public Health (