The EU Structural Heart Disease (SHD) Coalition welcomes the EU NCD Initiative which recognises the need to improve detection of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs),  including SHD

On 22 June, the European Commission, unveiled the guiding document of the “Healthier together, EU Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) Initiative” during... View Article

Members of the SHD Coalition participate in a virtual Public Hearing on Structural Heart Disease organised by MEP Pascal Arimont

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) Pascal Arimont from Belgium and Brando Benifei from Italy have recently organised a public hearing on Structural Heart Disease (SHD). The key outcome of this hearing was increased awareness of SHD amongst policymakers and members of the European Commission. MEP Arimont highlighted that the European Parliament has a role to channel current EU budgets towards improving detection of SHD. “No citizen should be left behind and die because of a lack of a heart check” – MEP Pascal Arimont


Structural heart diseases (SHD) are set of cardiovascular diseases affecting the structure of the valves, atria, ventricles, and blood vessels in the heart. The majority of these conditions are degenerative, which means that they primarily affect the elderly. It is estimated that 14 million people in Europe were living with SHD in 2020, and that by 2050, this cipher will increase to 23 million.

EU4Health work programme 2022: opportunities for SHD patients

The European Commission dedicated more than € 65 million on non-communicable diseases within the new EU4Health 2022 Work Programme, representing a major opportunity for the fight against cardiovascular and structural heart disease in the EU.

Building on 2021,the EU SHD Coalition looks forward to 2022

After only 9 months of existence, the Coalition positively looks back at 2021 and looks forward to contributing towards the creation of EU Joint Action for Structural Heart Disease at EU level and from Member States, now more relevant than ever.

Priorities of the French Presidency of the EU – Opportunities for the SHD Coalition

French president Emmanuel Macron presented the priorities of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU Starting in January 2022, this Presidency offers various opportunities to reinforce a European approach for an active and healthy Europe.

Call for Action on early detection of cardiovascular diseases in Germany

Improving the early detection of cardiovascular and structural heart disease in Germany : 5 proposals from German experts roundtable

The EU4Health stakeholders consultation identifies cardiovascular diseases as first area where intervention is needed in the framework of EU4Health 2022 work programme

The report of the EU4Health stakeholder’ consultation has been published and outlines the conclusions of both the consultation and the webinar that followed. The report includes the importance of tackling CVDs, including SHDs, for the first time.

14 Members of Parliaments across Europe call for a Joint Action on SHD at the occasion of World Heart Day

On this special day, Brando Benifei MEP shared a letter to the European Commissioner for Health and food safety Stella Kyriakides calling for a joint action on SHD in the framework of the EU4Health programme.

French Parliament and Minister calls for integration of active and healthy ageing in upcoming French Presidency of the EU

On 15 September, an event organised in the National Assembly by MP Annie Vidal and MP Paul Christophe gathered key stakeholders, including the French delegated Minister for Autonomy Brigitte Bourguignon, to discuss the inclusion of active and healthy ageing in the forthcoming French EU Presidency.