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MEP submits Parliamentary Question on Structural Heart Disease

What is the Commission’s view on making screening for structural heart disease and other age-related conditions part of the EU Health Programme?

MEP submits Parliamentary Question on the need for a Joint Action on SHD

By 2020, 20% of the EU’s population will be aged over 65, and by 2040 that number will have increased to almost 30%. EU Member States will have to adapt their economic and social structures to cope with the increase …

The Manifesto for a Healthier Europe’ published by ‘Corriere della Sera Salute’

On 21 November 2018, a cover story was published by the Cortriere della Sera Salute regarding the need for a better quality of life and a healthy active ageing are not only achievable but a must-reach-for imperative and a main goal for EU...