Members of the SHD Coalition

The Coalition brings together a group of European experts including key opinion leaders, a wide variety of stakeholder groups, including researchers, patients, and industry to work together with the aim of prioritising SHD in policy. The initial goal of the members of the Coalition is to work towards a European Joint Action on age-related Structural Heart Disease with an emphasis on early diagnosis and treatment. This will require strong communication on the burden of SHDs in Europe, political prioritisation at EU level as well as robust national support.

Prof. Alessandro Boccanelli

President of the Italian Society of Geriatric Cardiology (SICGE). He was Director of the Department for Cardiovascular Diseases of S. Giovanni Hospital in Rome (1998-2013) and the President of ANMCO - National Association of Hospital Cardiologists (2002 - 2004). He is also the founder and President of Health and Society.

Prof. Andrea Ungar

MD, PhD, FESC, full professor internal medicine and geriatrics

Aruna Himawan

Research Fellow, International Longevity Centre

Professor Martin Stout

Prof Martin Stout PhD, FESC, FBSE. He is a Consultant Cardiac Physiologist and visiting Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is also Vice President of the British Society of Echocardiography.

Confederación Española de Organizaciones de Mayores (CEOMA)

Daniel Colgan

Patient Advocate. Mr. Colgan is a mechanical engineer and a surgical recipient of an artificial tissue aortic valve. In early 2018 at the age of 29 after a steep decline in fitness and health, he was taken in urgently to have his valve replaced. He hopes to inspire and help future patients understand the experiences of open heart surgery and show that after surgery not only can life be better but you might even reach new limits you didn’t think you ever could.

Dr John De Verteuil (UK)

Dr John DeVerteuil is a general practitioner with expertise in cardiology and echocardiography. He set up and works at a Heart Clinic in the UK, where he provides patients with the echocardiography during the appointment.

Prof Dr. Christophe Dubois

Professor of cardiovascular sciences at KU Leuven, Clinical head of the cardiovascular department at UZ Leuven, Secretary and treasurer of the Belgian Working Group on Interventional Cardiology

Dr. Emanuela Folco

Dr. Emanuela Folco is the Secretary General and CEO of the Giovanni Lorenzini Medical Foundation, she is one of the founders of the Italian Heart Foundation (IHF) and its president since 2015, she has been a Board member of the European Heart Network.

Prof. Paolo Magni

Prof. Paolo Magni, MD-Ph.D is a professor of Pathology at the Università degli Studi di Milano, he’s a Member of the Board of the Italian Heart Foundation. He conducts clinical and translational research on cardiovascular diseases and on nutritional/nutraceutical modulation of cardiometabolic risk, ageing and health-related issues.

Dr. Jose Rodríguez-Roda Stuart

Head of the Cardiovascular Surgery Unit. Hospital Ramón y Cajal. Dr. Rodríguez-Roda is also the Vice President of the Spanish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery.

Prof. Dr. José Luis Zamorano Gómez

Head of the Cardiology Unit. Hospital Ramón y Cajal. Director Cardiovascular Institute, University Clinic San Carlos. He was the President of the Working Group on Non-invasive Diagnostic Imaging in the Spanish Society of Cardiology (1999-2002). He has held different positions at the European Society of Cardiology since 2001.